Dr. Lynda Cormier, podiatrist


Inspired by the career of her father, Dr. Lynda Cormier began her career in 1984 as an assistant in podiatry in Montreal. In 1986, she obtained a diploma of Chiropody SMAE Institute in England. In 1992, she graduated from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in the United States and became a member of the Ordre des podiatres du Quebec (OPQ).

In order to vary her expertise, she was a volunteer for the St. John Ambulance and a member of the Red Cross. In 1993, she opened a satellite clinic in the Hull sector of Gatineau.

In 1994, Dr. Lynda Cormier acquired her certification to practice in the Province of Ontario by the Ontario College of Chiropodists.

In 1995, she was elected as a member of the OPQ executive committee. It was in 1996 that the Gatineau and Hull clinics merged to create the clinic in its current form at 456 boulevard de l'Hôpital. Dr. Albert Cormier took his well-deserved retirement in 2006.

In 1998, she was appointed Director and Vice-President / Treasurer of the OPQ executive committee. In 1999, she was appointed director of Cryos Technologies Laboratories Inc.

While practicing, she completed training in biomechanics and outpatient surgery for the feet. Upon completion of her training in 2003, she received a Fellowship from the Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgery.

That same year, she became involved with the Special Olympics by running the foot clinic for the athletes. Since 2006, as part of her involvement with this organization, she has been the Director of "Fit Feet Quebec." These Special Olympics events take place throughout the province every year.

She welcomes interns in podiatry that complement their training to promote the development of the profession of podiatry in Quebec,