Foot care

Nail and skin care are part of the many services provided by your podiatrist. The podiatrist is entitled to evaluate callosity and nail problem types, to determine their cause and to recommend appropriate treatments. To treat nails and skin, the podiatrist uses effective, safe and sterilized instruments. There is no compromise on that matter.




Onychomycosis is an infection of the nail caused by fungic type microorganisms. Yellowing, detachment and thickening of the nail can sometimes be noticed on one or several nails. The progression is often slow and rarely painful.

Not all thickened or yellowed nails are necessarily infected with fungus. Other factors can change the nail appearance, including psoriasis, lichen planus, severe or repeated nail trauma and melanoma.

If you have noticed changes occurring with your nails, consult your podiatrist for further information.

Corns and callosity (hyperkeratosis)


Hyperkeratosis is a common condition that is often the result of excessive pressure and friction on the skin. The friction and pressure may be caused by unsuitable footwear, bony protrusions (hammer toes, bunions) or biomechanical overloads on some areas of the feet. The superficial layer of the skin is then over-stimulated and thickened.

The thickening is sometimes diffused, creating callosities or can be discrete and localized, creating deep-seated corns. The corn may be very painful and give the impression of walking on a small rock. The corns that are found between the toes are called heloma molle.

Diabetics and patients with peripheral vascular disease are particularly at risk of developing complications due to hyperkeratosis. We recommend regular podiatric visits to establish a good monitoring plan.

Cracked skin


It is not uncommon to see fissures appear on the heels. Thickening and dryness of the skin leads to a loss of elasticity. As our feet are repeatedly  subject to a lot of pressure, the skin cracks sometimes. Thus, appropriate treatment will include frequent debridement and daily application of emollient creams.